DKHV: COPPEX purging compound

A recurring theme in blown film extrusion: impurities in the film and hours of cleaning the extrusion line during colour changes. The remedy is a long shutdown to clean the screw and die or use the purging compound from COPPEX!

COPPEX has been used for decades for simple and time-saving cleaning of blow-moulding and cast film lines in the temperature range between 180 and 300 °C. COPPEX is popular throughout the industry for its easy handling when changing materials for almost all thermoplastics.
Regular use of COPPEX significantly reduces deposits and prevents contamination. COPPEX purging compound increases machine availability, reduces costs for material and colour changes and increases economic efficiency.

Cost advantages:

  • Time saving due to quick cleaning
  • Reduces rejects
  • Less downtime
  • Less raw material loss

Increasing productivity:

  • Use during operation without changing parameters
  • Increases process reliability
  • Suitable for hot runners
  • Wide temperature range
  • Easy handling
  • Simultaneous cleaning of the mould
  • Prevents stubborn contamination when used regularly
  • Longer production cycles with regular use

Setting the cleaning temperature

  • No parameter changes necessary in the temperature range of 180° – 300°C

Fast and time-saving

  • For injection moulding machines, extrusion, hollow body and film blowing lines
  • For cleaning during colour and / or material changes
  • For cleaning extruders, screws and hot runner tools

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