BM-Engineering: Sinus II chamber blade system with many advantages

Existing inline printing systems often still work with old, leaky and inaccurate chamber blade systems. The Sinus II system enables high print quality due to a technically well thought-out design that has been proven in practice. It is perfect for retrofitting, the chamber blades can be easily installed in existing printing units. Read more

Lauer / Lebbing: Risk assessment and implementation from a single source

Excerpts from a risk assessment:

Excerpt 1

Risk assessment related to machine safety to prove compliance with the safety requirements when providing work equipment § 7 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) dated 01.06.2015.

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PLAST-CONTROL / DKHV: Mass pressure sensors with Performance Level “C”, now easy integration possible

According to the Machinery Directive, extruders are subject to Performance Level “C”. Attachments, including melt pressure sensors, must also have Performance Level “C”!

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DKHV: COPPEX purging compound

A recurring theme in blown film extrusion: impurities in the film and hours of cleaning the extrusion line during colour changes. The remedy is a long shutdown to clean the screw and die or use the purging compound from COPPEX!

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PLAST-CONTROL / Lebbing: Special data link for machine control and drive technology

During a retrofit, the obsolete machine control was replaced by a PLAST-CONTROL NAVIGATOR; frequency converters and motors were converted to AC technology from Siemens by Lebbing. Read more