DL-Xtrusion: TRAININGS and SUPPORT for blown and flat film extrusion

DL-Xtrusion was founded by Dalibor Lamos in order to advise and support users in the areas of TRAINING, SUPPORT and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT with his extensive knowledge and many years of professional experience in the field of blown and flat film extrusion.

For MAXTRUSION, he has also taken over process engineering customer support.

DALIBOR LAMOS is an industrial foreman for plastics technology and has over 25 years of practical experience in blown and flat film extrusion. He worked for many years in the areas of production, development and quality testing at a large film producer in Germany.

By his structured and extensive training programmes, process engineering support and product development assistance, Mr Lamos always ensures the best possible product quality and line availability.


In the TRAINING area, DL-Xtrusion creates individual training programmes including the corresponding documentation. All blown film and flat film extrusion lines used for the training are checked for their technical condition beforehand for optimal preparation. The training is carried out on the customer’s own facilities and typical error patterns are simulated in a practical manner during production. The acquired knowledge is deepened by periodic follow-up training. Mr. Lamos will of course be happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Get to know DL-Xtrusion and book the free online taster course:

Blown film extrusion lines – design, function, productions, problems.

The course has the following components:

  • Structure of a blown film line: components, function, material flow from silo to reel
  • Granulate and films: types, properties, important key figures, typical material mixtures
  • Process engineering: starting and running the line, monitoring production, identifying problems

Number of participants: max. 8
Realisation: online
Duration: approx. 1-1.5 h

With this extensive product range, DL-Xtrusion is an excellent addition to the portfolio of DKHV. For us, this is another important component to enable us to offer our customers a comprehensive range of products and services for blown and flat film extrusion.