DKHV: Complete retrofit for 3-layer blown film extrusion line

On a 3-layer blown film extrusion line, the old Siemens line control was replaced by a PLAST-CONTROL “NAVIGATOR” control. DKHV took over the complete project management including installation, the customer did not have to assign any electricians or mechanics.

All system functions were transferred to the new PLAST-CONTROL ACS system. The mechanical modification including the installation of the new mounting plates and the cabling was carried out by KID, the inspection and commissioning was carried out by PLAST-CONTROL.

The following components were exchanged or integrated:

  • Siemens main computer incl. modules, today PLAST-CONTROL “NAVIGATOR”
  • Gravimetric main- and dosing units
  • Integration of material conveying
  • Complete temperature handling, hardware and software for extruder and die head
  • Scanner ring incl. profile measurement, today PLAST-CONTROL non-contact AIR CC
  • Control of the existing profile control (thermal bolt)
  • Width measurement and control
  • Integration of IBC control
  • Integration of calibration cage
  • Integration of second control on the haul-off