DKHV: Magnets are the “life insurance” for the extruder

DKHV offers 2 versions: magnets for weighing hoppers and magnetic box for mounting under a hopper frame.

1. Magnets for weighing hoppers

Magnets for weighing hoppers

The weighing hoppers do not need to be recalibrated because the weight of the magnet is constant. We offer different sizes and shapes depending on the hopper size.

2. Magnet box for mounting under a hopper frame

Magnet box for mounting under a hopper frame

The magnet can only be cleaned when the system is switched off; a slide interrupts the material flow.

Individual magnets mean more work for cleaning, but you can clean components that you are not currently using. With a central magnet box, the extruder must be switched off because the material flow is interrupted. Customers usually use the box for mono lines and the individual magnets for multi-layer lines.

Customers who use magnets tell us again and again about things that get “stuck” there: Metal parts, screws and nails are just as much a part of this as tools, lighters and glasses.

We would be happy to advise you on the right choice of magnet.

With best regards
Yours, Detlef Kaul